Part two. And still only day one.

Having just driven 250km from Belgrade to Zaječar, we set off on our 330km journey south into Macedonia – or, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia (FRYOM) to give it its full name. You know the politics is complicated when just the name of a place is problematic.

Read the full article on the Skochypstiks blog. We span a car 360 degrees in front of two Serbian policemen, smashed Sasa’s ankle, and found an aeroplane.

Just like pretty much every other Balkan country, Macedonia is incredibly beautiful and massively under-appreciated as a tourist destination. It has stunningly beautiful lakes, incredible rolling hills full of forests, and a rich and diverse history that takes visitors completely off the beaten path. Our destination this time was Veles, just south of the capital, Skopje, where we were due to meet Aleksandar, Simon, and Venko. The memorial ossuary is immense, built in the late 70s in order to commemorate the expulsion of occupying forces from Veles during the Second World War. As an ossuary, it contains the remains of 87 partisan soldiers who died during the fighting in 1944.

My thanks to Aleksandar Atanasoski, Venko Parkuera, and Simon Simonovski. A Monumental Tour – Part 2: Veles.

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