Berlin: Training At Kreuzberg

On the day that I arrived in Berlin, the traceurs that I’d contacted were training in Kreuzberg in the city centre. Across the road from the U-Bahn station Platz Der Luftbrücke is Familienzentrum Mehringdamm, a complex of white buildings with white walls and distinctive yellow window frames. It seemed an ideal spot: in addition to the various rails and wheelchair ramps there is a small playground with a sandpit, perfect for drilling flips. Training was undisturbed; being a Sunday the family centre was quiet with only a handful of people passing through.

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The scene in Berlin felt tight despite those training together having different focuses and interests. Some drilled complex but efficient sequences whilst others worked specific jumps and flips. I really appreciated that one of my hosts, Basti, trained entirely in bare feet. I was made to feel incredibly welcome despite wandering around like some mute zombie, having only had a tiny amount of sleep the night before.

My thanks to Basti, Eric, Panda, ToBe, Tomek and everyone else training that day.